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Do you have questions to a painting, to the artist or any other business?

Please contact me:

Mathias Börner

96047 Bamberg

Habergasse 7

phone: 0951/1853210

Direction studio:

Atelier Concordia

96047 Bamberg

Concordiastraße 17


The artist:                      Mathias Börner
                                      Habergasse 7
                                      96047 Bamberg

Webdesigner:                Judith Börner



The operators of "Studio Mathias Börner" try to reach that all information and dates which this website contain are correct. Nevertheless a reponsability or guaranty for up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of the provided informations and dates is immpossible. This is also effective for all the websites which are linked with this site.

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